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The Wrong Heroes | Chaos | Podcast

Join Gabriel, Francis, and Lip in a wacky comedy adventure where magic has no end and no cork to stop its flow. Join them on Fridays!

Join Gabriel (Kylie), Francis (Neil), and Lip (Alex)

This improv comedy story revolves around three misfit adventurers as they battle their way through aggressive salesman, Goblin unions, infuriating old people, and have their morals tested.

We find our heroes in the region of Elderwich, where, to quote Francis, ‘There is too much magic in the world!”

How will our heroes cope with the insanity of this world? Find out every Friday #thewrongheroes

The Wrong Heroes | Order | Podcast

Join Raspberry, Tursia, and Marsh in a dark comedy adventure story where the tyannical Qa'gull government lay waste to the land around them. Join them on Fridays.

Join Raspberry (Ben), Tursia (Milly), and Marsh (Camilia).

The darker improv comedy tale centres around three Arena fighters shoved together in the hopes they will keep each other alive. Listen as they try to survive the cold, harsh region of Tamall – ruled by the merciless Qa’Gull.

In Tamall, magic is the blessing of the Qa’Gull, and no one else – those who display magical talents are sent to the Arenas to fight for their lives.

How will our heroes fair in the face of such adversity? Find out every Friday #thewrongheroes

Chaos | Episode 28 | The Font of Aries The Wrong Heroes

With a plan in hand, maybe not our heroes plan, but one with a mutual benefit. What will happen as our heroes leave Edbridge and sail to the monastery. What awaits them when they arrive, will Gabriel drink from the waters of Aries and heal his corruption, or will they meet a sticky end by the Priests? Find out in episode 28 of The Wrong Heroes Chaos. If you'd like to support us for only £1 per month! Go to – http://www.patreon.com/thewrongheroes Head over to Twitter and follow our antics @thewrongheroes
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In comedy worlds of unfettered magical madness and filthy, tyrannical governments, join our misfit adventurers as they improv their way through pyramid schemes, moral debauchery, horse tanning salons, and irritating old people. These may not be the heroes you need, but it’s the best you’ve got.

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